Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday Morning Walk

This photo is called The Way Home, because that's what it is; the dirt road that goes to my house.  After being cooped up for almost a week in the hospital, my walk this morning was especially meaningful.  I noticed everything more; my senses were heightened.

Here are some of my impressions this morning on my mile-long walk down this dirt road:  Sounds I heard were a bullfrog singing his bass song, tree frogs trilling an octave higher, doves cooing their mournful song, a car going by on the highway a mile away, our dogs barking because they couldn't go, bird songs too numerous to identify, my shoes crunching on the sand, an easterly breeze ruffling the pecan leaves, the pines whispering in that same gentle wind, and cicadas and crickets adding their shrill undertone to everything else.

Things I saw were a baby deer too far away to see if it still had its spots, mole tunnels, possum, dove, and deer tracks, a white, crackled piece of broken pottery, a field full of a bright yellow unidentified flower/weed that looks like a cross between a foxglove and a sweet pea, green pecan shells fallen from the trees too early, our pear tree loaded with ripe fruit, blue morning glories, smashed Coke cans, a cigarette butt, scattered corn kernels and cobs from a harvested field next to our house, grass turning yellow under the pecan trees from being sprayed with grass killer (it's almost time for pecans to start falling), and wild muscadines on the side of the road and in the ditch.

I feel so blessed to have these things surrounding me every day.  I flourish in the country and draw strength from the beauty of God's creation.


laurel said...

I would have thought all those noises would have been enough to send you back to bed :)

debbie bailey said...

Har de har har!!!