Monday, September 15, 2008

The fellowship of the saints

I went to church yesterday for the first time in a month.  It was so good to be in the presence of God's people worshipping together.  Singing 'A Mighty Fortress is our God' gave me goosebumps.  If our combined voices here on Earth are so sweet, what will millions and millions of voices raised in praise sound like in heaven?  Unfathomable!

Our local church body really rallies around its members when comfort is needed.  Food, phone calls, e-mails, cards, prayers, and visits all came our way during and after Darcie's hospital visit.  I am so thankful for people who love me enough to drop what they're doing and minister to my family.  

 I'm not naturally given to thinking of others first.  I'm too involved in my own life to stop.  But by being blessed so richly during this time, I've been  gently exhorted, by my own conscience, to go and do likewise.  So I'll pray to love people more and myself less.  When a need arises, I'll try to make an effort to comfort remembering how it feels to be comforted.


Barbara said...

sounds like you belong to a loving fellowship.

laurel said...

Our church is really wonderful at rallying around those who are suffering. I am always amazed and really thankful about that.

willow said...

A Mighty Fortress is one of my favorites. It gives me the tingles, too. Thanks for stopping by my place! :^)