Friday, January 23, 2015

How To Make Salt from Ocean Water

I've had a few requests for how to turn sea water into salt, so here is how I do it.

Get a big stock pot, or several, and retrieve sea water in them. We usually make this a fun outing on golf cart. After getting back home with the filled pots, I strain the water through several coffee filters placed inside a sieve or strainer. This will get out any sand or sea creature parts that may be in the water. Yuck!

After that's done, place the cleaned water back in the stock pots and boil down until it evaporates. This will take several hours. When the water starts getting low, about half an inch or so, keep a close eye on it as this last bit tends to evaporate quickly leaving the salt in the bottom. The salt will appear as if by magic. One minute there's water and the next there's salt! Be careful not to let it scorch. When most of the water is gone, spread the damp salt onto a cookie sheet or other flat pan and place in a very low temp oven to dry out. Stir every fifteen minutes or so until the water is cooked out.

Put salt in glass jars to store and enjoy using your sea salt! It'll taste much saltier than table salt. I really love the taste!