Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Little Birdie

I sat down at the piano at dusk tonight to play my troubles away.  As I was playing Bach, I heard this little bird outside the front porch window just singing its little heart out.  It was perched on the top of the porch swing with its head thrown back just singing away.

The phone rang, and while I was walking to answer it, I was fussing about our duet being interrupted and figuring that the bird probably wouldn't come back.  

Conversation over, I sat back down and began playing again.  After a minute or two, it again started singing to my accompaniment.  Another of life's grace notes; a gift from God.  


Laura A said...

This made me smile. I do think they sing along!

jennyevelyn said...

I LOVE that image! Hummingbirds always remind me of my Grandgie

Susan L said...

This made me smile, too. I love Bach, and I love the singing of birds. I would have loved to have been sitting quietly nearby listening to your duet! :-)