Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Teaching Days Have Ended

After thirty-one years of being involved in the education of our five children, either homeschooling or  formal, I'm done.  I never thought this day would come.  Not that I've been yearning for it that whole time.  I've only been ready to give it up the last six years or so.  And now it's here.

And to top that off, our youngest will be moving out in less than two weeks.  When it rains it pours.  As with most major parenting events, it's bittersweet.  I'm really ready for this new season, yet it finds me feeling anxious, lonely, uneasy, and kind of rudderless.   I'm a little ill-tempered and disgruntled and am having a hard time focusing.  I've been broadsided by all these unexpected feelings.  I'm asking myself, if I really am okay with not teaching and having no children living at home anymore, why am I feeling this way?

I know this is normal when cycling from one lifestage to another, I just didn't expect it this time.  I thought I'd be shouting Glory!  I AM glad, but I guess when you do something for so long, it's hard to give it up even when you don't want to be doing it.  Proof again that we're creatures of habit.

I have lots of plans for traveling and doing projects around the house.  I hope to take a painting class this fall.  I want to reconnect with my friends and have tea parties and sewing get-togethers.  And I'm especially looking forward to spending uninterrupted time with my husband.  We've waited a long time for this!