Saturday, September 20, 2008

Williamsburg, Virginia

It's final!  We're going to Williamsburg in one month.  I'm so excited I could just squeal.  I absolutely LOVE that place anytime but especially in the fall.  The weather will be so cool and crisp; perfect for sweaters.  I love sweater weather.  I might even need a light coat in the mornings.

I think this will be my sixth trip up there.  I never get tired of it.  We went last year for Darcie's birthday.  We rented a colonial dress and bought her a fan and bonnet.  She thought she was something.  She wanted to do it again this time, but I said, "Just wear your bonnet and you'll be fine."  It cost a lot to rent that dress.  Maybe I'll make her one before then so she can have the "full experience."  

We'll be there for five days and will swing by my parents in East Tennessee for three more.  Actually that's a big swing, but if we don't go now we won't go this fall.  And I have to go to Tennessee in the fall.  It's a tradition.  And another reason, it's my birthday; October 27.  I'll be 53 years old, and life has never been better.  In fact, it's great!  You can tell this cooler weather is really affecting me!
More on our trip later.


laurel said...

I am on cloud nine with this weather. I seriously feel giddy. it is crazy. And the looming promise of visiting two of my favorite places, at the most wonderful time of year, well, it is just about too much for my little heart to handle! hee hee!

Katy said...

I'm so jealous! I've never been to Williamsburg or Mount Vernon or Monticello or Charlottesville... the list goes on!

BTW: There is a watercolor class at JTCF the week after my birthday. Sounds like a good present for the big 4-0, doesn't it?

Misti Aldrich said...

Mrs. Debbie...while you are "swinging" up to your you mind swinging over this way;)? I'd love to see you guys if you ever get adventurous again!

debbie bailey said...

I'd love to see you too. Where do you live?

debbie bailey said...


I didn't realize that I'm twelve years older than you! I'm old enough to be your mother! Well, at least in Tennessee I could be. JUST KIDDING!

Sounds like a good present to me. Wait till you see my list I'm getting myself! Hey, if I don't spoil myself, who will?