Saturday, September 20, 2008

Many Different Directions

I've discovered the fountain of youth.  It's called Floradix.  I got it at the health food store for Darcie to try and build her blood up after surgery.  It has herbs, fruit and vegetable juices, and iron.  

The first day I took it twice like the bottle said.  I finally went to bed at 3:00 a.m. Boy was I wired!  I got lots done; quickly.  The next day I only took it once early in the morning.  I mixed it with Monavie active, green tea, and prune juice.  I had to throw the prune juice in, because the iron gave me constipation.  I know.   TMI.  Sorry.

Boy, this stuff works.  I haven't had this much energy since 1980 B.C.   That's Before Children.  This is what I got done this morning before going to work at the gallery at 11:00.

Got up at 5:45.  From 6-7 I got dressed, did 35 push-ups, stripped my bed and remade it with clean sheets, washed a load of clothes, checked my e-mails, and put away a stack of papers.  My husband went dove hunting at 6:00, so that's why I could do my bed that early in the morning.

From 7-8 I deboned a chicken and made chicken salad, packed my lunch, did a 20-minute walk, peeled and stewed some pears, fed my chickens, fed the cats and dog,  and looked for some photos I'd misplaced in my studio.

From 8-9 I ate a bowl of cereal, made peanut brittle, copies a recipe for Victoria Sponge Cake, made vegetable beef stew in the crockpot, and cooked waffles for son #2.  (I had l/4 of one.)

From 9-10 I hung out a load of clothes, shuffled some paper piles, pulled a few weeds, watched a hawk to see if it was going to attack my chickens, and wrote out a chore list for son #2.

From 10-11 I changed clothes, fixed my face and hair, packed all my projects to be worked on at the gallery, talked to daughter #1 on the phone, and left to go to the gallery.  Not bad for a morning's work.  I have an even longer list that I accomplished from 11-7, but I won't bore you with that. 

Yessiree, Bob.  I LOVE this stuff.


Melissa said...

I'm going to buy some of this stuff...

amyers said...

i need some of bulk!!