Monday, August 4, 2008


I'm off to the beach for a week with my nine-year-old, Laurel and her three little ones under six, and our friend Charlotte and her three under five.  Am I crazy?  I'll let you know on Saturday.

The ride up here took six hours, because we stopped at Target for two hours and lunch.  I slept and rested almost all day yesterday.  Laurel asked me what's wrong with me?  She doesn't understand, because her temperament is different from mine.  

I'm an introvert who needs as much quiet as I do people time; maybe more.  So listening to Josh Groban and our four kids for six hours in the car about did  me in.  I'm back to normal now on Monday morning.  

Charlotte is all into typing people's personalities.  So when we say or do something she says, "Oh you did that because you're a feeler/thinker, etc."  I should be an expert on my own temperament and everyone else's before the week is out!

Yesterday, her oldest did something she shouldn't have, and I got onto her for it.  Charlotte said, "Oh I just had a flashback from my own childhood."  I just laughed.  For those of you who don't know us, I met Charlotte when she was two years old and a Shirley Temple look alike.  So here I am correcting her child who looks like her clone.  It's really weird for me; but good.  We're really good friends, because we've spent her whole life knowing each other.  I feel really blessed to have her and her family in my life.

And according to her, her husband and I have the same personality type which is only shared by 1% of the population.  I always knew I was special!  Now everyone knows!


jennyevelyn said...

hahah I hope you make it to the end of the week! I don't car what personality type you are that will be a great acomplishment!

Brandy said...

I must say I agree!

Susan L said...

There's something about being older and not having noisy, tiny ones constantly around that makes it far more tiring... or something... but it's still fun to be around them! And maybe it *is* that personality thing (Charlotte sounds great!)... I also am a personality type that only 1% of the population has. Are you an INFP? That's me. :-)


debbie bailey said...

Yes, Susan, I think I am. What about it Charlotte? Is this what I am?

Laura A said...

I can relate to those introverted comments. I can really enjoy being around others, but often have to have a completely quiet day or two when it's all over.

Did you ever figure out what type you were? Since you're an artist, the INFP seems probable to me.