Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pat Conroy's Writing

I have a new favorite author, Pat Conroy.  I just finished reading Beach Music.  This book would make a great movie.  I found myself reading passages out loud to whomever would listen.  His prose is amazing.  I don't have the ability to properly describe the deliciousness and sensuality of his writing.  He writes about the South Carolina Low Country in such a way that you can feel the salty, moisture-laden air on your face and smell the marshes at low tide.  The story itself reels you in as it gradually unfolds and you find yourself swept along for a ride you don't want to end.  There's a specialness about the Low Country I can't describe. We just got back from a week in South Carolina.  While there, I noticed that one of their car tags has on it IN GOD WE TRUST.  Also, while Georgia changed its flag to be more politically correct, South Carolina still flies the Confederate flag on their state flag.  I like their style and tenacity for their heritage.

Ah, I love the South!  I love to travel but am always so glad to be home.  When we lived in California for two and a half years and I would fly into Atlanta, I was seriously tempted to kiss the ground when I stepped off the plane.  I cried every day for those two and a half years because I was so homesick for the South.  God had lessons for me to learn, but that's another post for another day.


Katy said...

I read "The Prince of Tides" nearly 17 years ago, and I loved it! It was in between finishing grad school and getting a real job. I think I read nearly all day long for a few days until I finished it. I haven't read any other Conroy books, though. So many books...

The painting is BIG. About three feet by two feet or so, I think. Not sure where I'm going to hang it yet. Sister, you know there was NO LUCK involved! :-)

Thank you for your encouragement! I'm having lots of fun!

Rick said...

Kiss the ground in Atlanta? You are a southern. I too lived in California - only for 7 years. I'm so glad to be out, but didn't make it far, only 6 miles above the boarder into Oregon. I love the Northwest - trees and water!!