Saturday, August 9, 2008

Back from the Beach

We got home yesterday afternoon from Pawley's Island, SC.  I've been asked if I had a good time.  I said, "Wait and ask me in about a week."  That'll give me time to rest and process.  I can already say now that I did have a good time somewhat.  We had some good late night conversations on the porch.  We had a good time shopping in Anthropologie one day.  It was fun sitting on the beach in the early evening watching all the children play; especially as the two baby boys toddled around naked and sandy.  I loved watching my two year old grandson talk in a very animated way to a store mannequin. I loved jumping on a bicycle and going anywhere I wanted.  I loved the early morning walks on the beach as the sun was coming up.

I regret not being able to go to the cute shops along Highway 17.  We did hit a few thrift stores, and that was fun.  It's hard to do much with six small children except feed them, dress and undress them, change diapers, and put them to bed.  Oh, and try to keep them happy during the day with popsicles and a $20 swimming pool bought out of desperation mid-week. 

I did get to spend some time taking photos with a 1970's Polaroid camera and manipulating them.  I'll try to post some on here soon.  I also found inspiration in a book called Altered Books.  I hope to try this soon.  Maybe I'll make one to commemorate this beach trip.

So, even though it wasn't very restful, I'm glad I went.  Would I do it again?  Yes, but not anytime soon!


laurel said...

When I read about it here, it does sound like a fun trip! When I think about it though, the jury is still out. :)
I am glad to be home though!

charlotte carroll said...

me too! I was so exhausted the entire time! I think it would have been more fun for all of us if I hadn't been so sick.

Susan L said...

I think it sounds like a blast! I love doing all of the things you listed, Debbie! But, of course, I wasn't there. And little ones can make it hard to relax completely (though they're precious). And poor Charlotte was sick (?). Anyway, the whole thing sounds like my kind of vacation. Now that you've been back awhile, what do you think?


debbie bailey said...


I'm still tired! I'm going home to Tennessee this weekend and let Mama cook for me and baby me. Maybe that'll help me get rested.