Friday, August 1, 2008


July was a good month for my photography.  The photo on bottom was accepted in a juried show at our local art center.  It's called Virginia Morning and was taken at Williamsburg at sunup.  Another one accepted at that same show is the one above Virginia Morning called Coosawattee at Dawn.  I took it while on one of my vacations alone in the North Georgia Mountains near Ellijay.  It doesn't exactly look like this one.  I had it printed in sepia and then handtinted it.  I hope they sell!

A friend of mine came in Tuesday while I was working at the Gallery and bought three of my framed photographs for her office.   They were having a grand opening that afternoon.  She wanted photos of Europe, so I sold her the Austrian Monk, which has been posted previously, La Pensione, which you can find above, and The Eiffel Tower at Night.  I don't have that one scanned into my computer yet.

The La Pensione was taken in Florence, Italy. I was looking for Italian laundry and came upon this place close to the Boboli Gardens.  I imagine it being a place similar to where Lucy and Cousin Charlotte stayed in A Room with a View.   

Finally, on the very top  is a photo called Harbuck, Tennessee.  That little concrete block building has quite a history. Many times it has been what people in Tennessee call "a beer joint". The translation, for all you non-Tennessee people, is a package store.  When this photo was taken it had been transformed into a sort of bait shop.  I found it ironic that the former package store  has a new life with the Ten Commandments posted outside.  

This photo was accepted into a juried show in a neighboring town about 45 minutes away.  The theme is called Contextualized and is about the written word in art.  I submitted five different photos in which words played a role.  This is the one they picked.

July was  busy and profitable, but I'm glad it's over.  Tomorrow we're heading to Pawley's Island, SC for a week.  I hope to do some watercoloring with pencils while I'm there.  I'm laying aside my photography and writing for a week to concentrate on something else I want to pursue; watercolor.  Hope I come back with something frameable.  If I do, I'm sure it will go on Laurel's new landscape wall!  Maybe I'll go ahead and give her the quilt too!


laurel said...

yes, yes, go with that...a watercolor and a quilt for me is a VERY good idea :)

Katy said...

Love the photos! Have a great week!

Laura A said...

I like the contrast between the top two photos. Both are very typical of their locations, and both are places I enjoy, perhaps because the sense of time is slower in each of them. In the case of the Southern roadside photo, the beauty is almost in the lack of it, as in Flannery O'Connor's stories.

Thanks for sharing!