Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Month of August

I'm starting our homeschool after Labor Day.  The rest of August is going to be spent ordering school books, planning our daily schedule, and cramming as many house projects in as possible.  I had a whole list of projects to get done this summer.  I managed to almost finish painting one kitchen chair!  I don't know why I didn't get any more done than one chair.  Pathetic!

I did get a good bit of writing and photography done. This summer has just flown by.  I never seem to get as much done as it looks like I will on paper.

One thing we talked about at the beach is how each of us handle our work.  I told Charlotte I've always admired how her and her Mom get things done so quickly.  Take curtains, for example.  If they decide that Charlotte needs new curtains, they get together and that day or the next, her whole house has new curtains; handsewn by them.  Incredible!  

Laurel and I have decided that the fun for us is in the planning.  We're natural born organizers and list makers.  She says she overthinks things way too much though, and I end up helping her with her projects.  I get more projects done than she does; probably because I start and usually finish what I've started.  But we have fun working together.  Charlotte comes over to Laurel's and together they get things done.  I'm telling you, Charlotte is a powerhouse.  She inspires us.

Another funny thing that she told me at the beach is that I wear her out!  No one has ever told me that before.  She says I'm always asking her about the deeper meaning of her actions.  She doesn't like to think much; just act.  That's why she gets things done!  I told her that she wears me out, because she's so full of energy and life.  I guess it's good that we're all so different. 

*The above photo is looking out my kitchen window at our cat Punkin.  There aren't any curtains hanging in that window for the summer.  I took the red gingham curtains and hung them in my art studio. 

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charlotte carroll said...

I need you though! I need to think about the reasons why I do things and it does bring more depth to my life when I do. I think I do think a great deal about life and what I am trying to accomplish in certain specific areas. but absolutely hate to write them down in a coherent thought. It takes a LOT of energy for me to do that. I just hate to plan. Its hard for me to get started. Being around you tends to jump start me into action; then once I have the momentum, I can go faster and become more productive. :)
I used to be very frustrated that when I would plan things I wouldn't get them done and I couldn't keep track of what I had written. I would write out plans and then never look at them until a year down the road and lo and behold I would have completed everything on the plan without even realizing it. I just am more motivated when I have completed a project. I become hungry for the feeling again and find something else to do.

It drives david crazy b/c we can't just work on one project at the time. Once I start one, I have to start another and another. For instance, Painting the house, while one thing is drying, I will be frustrated for sitting or doing normal stuff while I wait. So, I will go ahead and start on another room while I am waiting.
If it were my kitchen chairs,
I would probably have painted them while waiting for the noodles to boil.:)
at the moment, I am feeling very unmotivated. I need someone to come over and jump start me this morning. :)