Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Favorite Soldier

I couldn't let Veterans Day go by without mentioning my favorite soldier, my oldest son Garrett. He's now serving in Iraq and will be there until sometime next fall. Here are some photos I took of him in various disguises and as he was getting ready to leave home for the last time before being deployed.

He's such a goofball. When he walks into a room it lights up. We all miss him so much and pray constantly for his safety. We love you Garrett!


Jeannette said...

Tell him "thank you" for his service from me. I was just with my husband's mom up at Travis at the hospital...saw a lot of young ( and other ) people "in" service and felt a lot of appreciation...specially with our flag at half staff for Fort Hood, Texas.

Rowan said...

I hope your son stays safe throughout his posting in Iraq.