Monday, November 23, 2009

Decluttering Gone Wild

Since my last decluttering post, I've gotten rid of too much stuff to list here. One thing I've gotten rid of that I never have before is sewing patterns; eighteen of them. I'll never use the low-waisted jumper or the girl's smocked jacket pattern. And I sure won't be needing the maternity patterns again!
These photos are in my art studio, my poor studio that is so junked up with...junk, it'll be a long time before I'll be able to do any art in there.

I can't decide what to do with it all. I could rent a space in the local antique mall for a month or two and see how much I get rid of. But that involves pricing, hauling it there, setting it up, and then removing anything that doesn't sell. Makes me hyperventilate to think about it. Or I could call the local junk shop dealer to come give me a price to haul it all away. I'm just afraid that if I do that, I won't get what it's worth. Or I could list it on E-bay or Craig's list. But that involves hassle and headache I really don't want to deal with.

What should I do? Help!

P.S. A word to the wise, simplify and don't collect stuff in the first place.


GretchenJoanna said...

It's worth a lot just to get it out of your house quickly! Unless you are desperate for the money, I'd focus on the value of the time and space, rather than cash. :^)

Laura A said...

Wait a minute! Does that doll house have a metal roof, and is it from the sixties? It looks awfully familiar...

I agree with Gretchen Joanna about the value of space!

Katy said...

Just take it to Goodwill, and be done with it. It will feel really good to get your studio space back!

I'm proud of your progress!

debbie bailey said...

I've taken tons of stuff to Goodwill and given my children any of it they want. I'm not desperate for cash. The time and space means more to me than money. However...I have some valuable antiques that I can't just give to Goodwill. That's why I thought about renting a booth at the antique mall.

Laura, you're right. That dollhouse is from the 60's. I bought it for Darcie, because it was just like one I had when I was a little girl. I think I'd better put that in the attic for HER little girl.

Laura A said...

Sorry, Debbie, didn't mean to tempt you to keep anything! Actually, the whole reason I remember it is because some poor people in our town lost everything in a fire right before Christmas when I was in first grade, and my mom asked me whether I'd be willing to give the dollhouse to them, since I didn't play with it as much as I used to. I said yes, and that probably caused me to remember. I have a mental image of the family's silver artificial tree still standing in the otherwise burned house. Obviously it has been more valuable to me given than kept!

Oh the other hand, I understand the value of storing a few keepsakes. My mom regretted that her mom gave all the dolls from both generations away, so I kept a few for CZ. I gave a Madame Alexander (remember the little ones on stands?) to her each year at Christmas, and it has been a nice tradition.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Debbie, You're an inspiration as I begin a big decluttering project! I'll be giving a lot to Good Will, but I also have stuff that I want to make sure lands in a place it will be especially appreciated. For instance, I have a practically new pair of cleats that I'd love to get to a kid who can't afford cleats. That will take more time and effort--which is sometimes what stops me in my tracks. I wonder if there's a charitable organization you support that would appreciate having the income from your antiques--and would do the work of selling them? Just a thought.