Monday, November 2, 2009

A Few Interesting Facts About Light

I recently went up to my parents' house in East Tennessee. I also was able to spend two nights in a cabin by the Ocoee River; by myself. Two days of glorious quiet. It was wonderful. I always do this in the fall around the time of my birthday. It's my present to myself.

I always spend a lot of time rereading my journals and other books having to do with metaphysical things. This year it was Slow Time by Waverly Fitzgerald. I've mentioned this book in a previous post. I don't agree with all she says. Some of it is too new agey for me. I keep what I consider good and throw out the other stuff.

Here's an interesting tidbit about light pollution. I quote: "In a natural night sky we should be able to see about 3,500 stars but in a city, even in a dark yard, only about 50 stars are visible. According to Italian astronomer, Pierantonio Cinzano, light pollution causes loss of night vision. In North America, 60% of the population may be affected. Some scientists believe light pollution causes illness by disrupting the melatonin rhythm which can lead to chronic fatigue, depression, reproductive anomalies and perhaps even cancer. Studies have shown that women who work night shift have higher rates of breast cancer while women who are blind have much lower rates." I find that very interesting.

Next time it's a dark night, I'm going to go out into the yard and count the stars. I'll get back to you on that.

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Graham_Cliff said...

Learn more about the "hidden" harm of the light at night of the 24 hour day which causes "light pollution" - the "truth" is frightening and whilst it has been around for over 112 years only since about 1950 has the harm been real bad - a bit like passive smoking and passive exposure to asbestos. We may well be JTL - Just Too Late!