Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Yearn for Ireland

I just finished reading Oh Come Ye Back to Ireland by Niall Williams and Christine Breen.  They were a couple living in Manhattan who got tired of the rat race.  They moved to her grandfather's cottage in Kiltuper, Ireland and settled themselves into rural life.  They cut peat from their own bog for fires, grew a garden, and eventually owned cattle.  They went and stayed.

They talk about the old, traditional ways of Ireland  and how they're slowly being done away with.  This was a fascinating book to me since I've recently learned that several of my ancestors came from the Emerald Isle.  Fortunately, there are four books in this series about their lives in Ireland.  

Yesterday I ordered the other three from  I'm in an Irish phase right now.  It started with a hammered dulcimer concert two weeks ago.  That got me in the mood for reading about Ireland.  I guess the next thing is to actually go there!


Valerie said...

Hammered dulcimer is so beautiful. I play a little mountain dulcimer, also a beautiful instrument. The book sounds interesting. I am reading Unfettered hope, a Call to Faithful Living in an Affluent Society, by Marva J. Dawn. Okay, well I cracked the binding on it. Hope to be able to get more into it soon.

debbie bailey said...


I too play the mountain dulcimer; a little! I'd love to have a hammered one and may buy one someday. Let me know if that book is any good. Sounds like one I'd be interested in.

Thanks for following my blog.