Friday, October 3, 2008

Celtic Music

Tonight Darcie and I went to a concert featuring the hammered dulcimer.  I LOVE this instrument.   I bought two CD's; one of Christmas music and the other with Celtic.

Several years ago my Mama built a mountain dulcimer out of a kit.  She never played it much, so I was able to beg long enough for her to give it to me.  I've played it off and on over the years.  It's really simple to play.  Of course you can get fancy with it, and that takes more skill.  I think it'd be the same way with the hammered dulcimer.  I could probably pick it up fairly easy since I already play the piano.

I grew up listening to Bluegrass music.  Of course Bluegrass comes out of the  Celtic tradition.  They are very similar. 

All of my ancestors came from the British Isles.  Names like Jones, Collins, Stiles, Deaver, Walker, Barnes, Moore, and Kilpatrick belong to my progenitors.  I am a huge anglophile.

My question is this:  Do I love Celtic music because it was the music of my forefathers? Is it in my blood?  Is that possible?   I don't love Russian, Polish, or Danish music.  I like lots of different classical music from various countries.  But I simply love Celtic music.  It's haunting melodies move me deeply.  It stirs up something in me that feels centuries deep.  Am I crazy?  Any theories?


laurel said...

I don't know. I feel the same way when I hear it. Of course, Celtic music seems to be far more popular than russian, danish, etc. music. Maybe not, but that is how it seems to me. Hmmm.

Laura A said...

Maybe it has something to do with it being the background to so much American folk music? Or maybe the haunting nature of it speaks to something in our wandering, modern souls? (That may be far fetched.)

I like it too, the more authentic the better. And I like bluegrass as well.