Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Simple & Plain

This photo was taken of an Amish market in East Tennessee.  the Amish are called Plain People.  I've always admired them and would love to live with an Amish family for a few weeks.  I loved reading the Beverly Lewis series about the Amish people.

Laurel has invited me to participate in the 29-Day Giveaway Challenge.  I accepted.  Everyday you give away something.  This can include words of encouragement or a smile.  I  also want it to include my "stuff".  

I met a woman Tuesday while waiting for Darcie to get through with Youth  Chorale.  She makes bags filled with things for cancer patients.  She also makes lap quilts for nursing home patients.  I told her that I had just cleaned out my fabric and was going to be giving away a trash bag full.  I also have several flannel sheets I'm giving her.  I'm so glad that my fabric will be used for such good causes.

Laurel also said that we had to give away something that we didn't want to give away.  Hmmmmmm...that'll be harder.  I want to do it though.  I'm getting better able to let go of some of my things.  It's a good feeling not to be so tied to earthly possessions.  The older I get the easier it gets.  I'm going to keep a list for the 29 days I participate in this.

So, Day 1...I gave away my time in a meeting I didn't want to attend.  That counts, right?


amyers said...

I, too, joined the challenge. I'm very excited!

Katy said...

Most definitely counts!