Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reflections on Christmas Past

I still haven't packed away any decorations. I'm aiming for Thursday when we'll be coming back into town. I'm headed to Tennessee for a few days to visit my parents.

These three ornaments are all that's left of the set that adorned the Christmas trees of my childhood. I don't hang them on my tree for fear of them falling and breaking. So they're safe on the dining room table. They make me happy.

These little Gurley candle choristers are so sweet, aren't they?

In the month of December, I only read books about Christmas. I found quite a few new ones and revisited some familiar favorites. By far, my favorite was A Sister of the Angels by Elizabeth Goudge. Such a sweet English story told in her usual quite way. I feel so at home in her stories.

Another good one was Finding Noel
by Richard Paul Evans.

And I found another Christmas story by Miss Read called A Village Christmas. I had read her The Christmas Mouse some years ago. I always love her writings. I definitely have a thing for small English village life.

I'm making some decisions about my 2012 reading and will be sharing those soon. On this trip I'll be finishing up The Scottish Prisoner by Diana Gabaldon. I need to have read by Friday Shark Dialogues by Kiana Davenport for my bookgroup. Anyway, more on reading later.


Sara said...

I like your Christmas reading...and see some of my own favorites in those stacks of books.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Pom Pom said...

My mom and I were talking about how much we love Winter Solstice. We reread it often.
I do find that the more I read EG the more I appreciate her stories. Happy New Year!

Cranberry Morning said...

Christmas reading makes the season even more special I think. It's kinda like the lights and ornaments we only bring out once a year.

I had bought a new game to play this year, but when everyone heard the title, 'Pandemic,' they thought it was very UN-Christmaslike, ('oh great! We'll all play a game about death and dying across the world!') so I'll drag it out another time in the year. lol

GretchenJoanna said...

I hadn't heard of Sister of the Angels -- but I like the idea of Christmasy reading -- it seems I should be able to get a copy before next Christmas. Happy New Year, Debbie!