Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jumps, Ribbons, and Horse Shows

Another year of shows is able to begin this Saturday. Here's Darcie on her horse Red at one of the local shows.

She won second place overall in the Walk Trot Division. I was pretty proud of her since it was her first year showing.

Red is half arabian and half thoroughbred. The circuit she rides in is hunter/jumper. He's not the best horse for this circuit since he doesn't jump anymore. He's sixteen and has a little bit of arthritis. He really should be showing in an Arab circuit...oh well.

So considering all that, she did pretty well last year.

I took some photos last night during a jumping class which she's suddenly loves. She used to be scared of jumping, and I don't blame her! The horse she's riding belongs to the stables. I only stuck around long enough to snap a few....makes me too nervous to watch for long.


Barbara said...


Cranberry Morning said...

Yes, congratulations! What fun that is, although I'd feel like you - a little anxious about the jumping. But then it's so much fun for the rider. Ah, horses!!! Nice photos.

PJ said...

Wonderful - Congratulations. That is so much fun.