Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Fine Sunday For Sitting Outside

"To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment." Fanny Price in Mansfield Park

I've had a few days of reflection while on my beach holiday, and one thing I've decided is that I need to get outside more.

This never used to be a problem. As a child, I practically lived outside. I remember the time when that changed and I started staying inside more. It was after the birth of my first baby. I remember feeling so much resentment because now I had to stay home while my husband continued much as before; playing ball several nights a week and going out into the world every day to work.

Not that I wanted to have a job outside our home. I didn't. But we were used to playing together, and all of a sudden that stopped. It was a very hard adjustment to make.

Thirty years later, home is my favorite place to be. I don't want to get out much at all anymore. But occasionally the walls start closing in and I need to get away from the constant work that a home requires. So I'll take a slow walk around the field, down the road, or through the woods, and all is right again.

I think I get overly introspective if I stay inside too much, and that's not good. I tend to think too much anyway....overanalyzing things to the point of depression and futility.

So I'm going to try and spend more time out-of-doors. My garden sure could use an overhaul.


The Provincial Homemaker said...

I always find that I delay going outside - its too hot, too cold (the latter not really an issue here), too wet etc. However, when I do get out for a walk I always feel better. Good luck finding some more outdoor time in your day.

Angela said...

I need to do the same thing. It's so easy to get busy all day and never go outside, but it helps me to feel more grounded and energized if I do.

Pom Pom said...

Oh, you'd like Last Child in the Woods! We ALL need to go outside more. Today I wandered around the yard, filled the bird feeders, put away some stuff. Faces to the sun, I say!

Sara said...

Getting out of doors makes a huge difference to me as well. Sometimes I tend to turn into a hermit in my little cave, and that's not good. I love that you have a field a road and some woods to go walking in.'s the city streets, or I just go out and enjoy my back yard...just to be out with the grass and the sun and the cat.