Monday, September 19, 2011

Georgia History Begins in Savannah

Darcie and I spent Thursday night of last week at a B&B called The Azalea Inn in Savannah; wonderful place if you ever get the chance.

Originally booked as a 35th anniversary get-away for dear husband and myself, he said that if he's only going to be an hour away from home, he'd rather stay in his own bed. "Fine," says I. "I'll just take Darcie." And I did. I showed him.

We're learning Georgia History this year, so I thought this would be a great time and place to start.

Unfortunately, newly-turned-thirteen-year-old daughter doesn't like history. The travesty. I think she's adopted. I love history. Adore it even. Sigh....

So, my plan of attack was to walk through the historic district holding the shopping carrot over her; history second. It pretty much worked.

This was the first time I've walked from one end of the historic district to the other. It's only about a mile one way. I do that all the time. But walking on uneven bricks and cobblestones, dodging traffic, taking endless photos, reading the map, etc. is pretty physically draining.

We just scratched the surface. Wait till she goes to Fort Jackson, Fort Pulaski, Fort Sumter, Fort Sunbury, etc. I may have to promise her unlimited use of my Visa!


M.K. said...

Well, it's no fun to go with the family member who doesn't want to be there!! Sleeping in one's own bed is a valuable thing. But Savannah! I've never been there. Need to go. I love the ferns growing in the stairsteps - how quaint! Glad you had a fun time with your daughter.

Linda said...

I had to pop over from The House of Edward to visit someone who feels so at home in Scotland!
Love your blog - such a different life to mine, but that is the delight of blog-visiting.