Sunday, September 11, 2011

Curtain Quandry

I'm giving the kitchen a mini-redo and need your opinion. Do you like the lace or red gingham curtains best?

I had the red shelves repainted white to match the walls. The blue trim color behind me at the kitchen sink is the old color. I had all that blue trim painted a lighter blue with white walls. I'll be asking for more of your opinions this week on different things in the kitchen. It looks so clean and fresh now. I love new paint! I'm also thinking about painting the floor black and white checkerboard or blue like the trim. What do you think about that? There, that's two questions to answer. Don't let me down!


wayside wanderer said...

I like both curtains. The white is very clean, more neutral, and a little more formal. The gingham adds a bit of color but also a bit cozy, homey feel. I think it depends on which look you like more. I think I lean toward the gingham, but either looks really good.

The floors....I really like them just wood so I am no help on that one.

And I really like that cute dress you are wearing. I wish I could find more dresses like that. I want to feel pretty and feminine while being comfortable and not fussy.

I need to chose paint colors and I am stuck. Decisions like that are hard for me.

M.K. said...

I much prefer the lace!! The red are nice, but the lace has a light, airy, out-doorsy feel, and seems to match the lightness of the white and pale blue. Like! (as they'd say on FB)

The checkered floor sounds exciting, but I think if I could see them both, I'd choose the light blue. I love a kitchen that feels light, as if the meadow air is blowing in, mixing with the smell of fresh bread in the oven. I do like black/white checks in a small bath floor though.

M.K. said...

From my 12 year old daughter: lace curtains, definitely. She was excited about the checkered floor, but then said that her first choice is to keep the hardwood, and I agree with her. have you thought of painting one of the heavy canvas "rug" type things, to put on the floor? Do you know what I mean? They kind of look like oil cloth.

Mary said...

as much as i like red, i am leaning towards the lace curtains.

i live in an old home too, built in 1850.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I would choose the red gingham for autumn and winter and keep the lace for summer and spring. And my choice on the floor would be to leave it alone...hardwood floors are so warm and inviting. I wish I had them in my own home!

Pom Pom said...

I like the gingham, of course! Also, even though black and white checkerboard is cute and "Alice and Wonderland" I wouldn't do it. That wood floor is lovely and deserves to stay in a natural state. I like Sara's idea of using gingham in the fall and winter and switching to the lace for spring and summer. Black and white checked curtains are cute, too! I love your house, Debbie!

grannimcd said...

red gingham reminds of you. not that you want advice from a crazy old yankee!!! whatever you choose will be perfect. you certainly don't need any help decorating.

The Provincial Homemaker said...

I love the gingham. But, I agree with your readers that the lace could be more summery.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I love gingham, but I'm leaning toward the lace. I love the idea of the checkerboard floor, but it feels a little risky, and the hardwoods are nice. Hard to say, hard to say!


Barbara said...

I vote -

1) white lacy curtains

2) rugs are easier to change (and, in my experience, last a lot longer) than paint on a floor, so I vote with the rest who say, keep your hardwood!

:) See you Sunday! Have a blessed week!