Monday, April 5, 2010

Springtime in Georgia

This is what I see when I look over the balcony off of our bedroom. This is the most glorious tree in all the world. It's a Japanese Ornamental Cherry. I don't remember its exact name. It's name should be The Most Fabulous Cherry Tree in All the World.

If there's a prettier place in the springtime than Georgia, I haven't seen it. I remember driving through the state in 1977 with my new husband as he worked here temporarily. There were baby goats playing together in the fields. And the wisteria! I had never seen it before. Lilac clusters hanging like grapes all the way to the tops of trees. And they smelled like grape Nehi. Do ya'll have Nehi up in Yankeeland; those of you that live north of the Mason-Dixon line?

This week I'm writing from my beloved Fripp Island, SC. I came over late yesterday evening after everyone had gone home. We hosted all our kids except Garrett =-(, their families and in-laws, and our adopted college student.
I spent last night, today, and tonight alone. Sheer bliss. Laurel, her kids, and Darcie will be joining me early tomorrow morning. I'm meeting them at Publix in Beaufort around 10:00 to stock up on groceries. We're having another friend and her children join us mid-week and our husbands will join us for the weekend.

So I'll hopefully be posting every day while I'm here. I spent a lot of time today just cleaning up my computer. More on that later.


GretchenJoanna said...

ooooh....that IS a wonderful, gorgeous tree. I am always trying to take pictures of flowering trees in the spring, and they rarely show the beauty. This one is really lovely.

Laura A said...

I, too, love your cherry tree. It somehow picks up the polka-dots in your blog background ;-). Yes, Georgia in the spring is beautiful!

No Nehi here, but I do remember the smell of wisteria! Actually, we have some here, too, but I'm never around it long enough to remember the smell.

And I congratulate you for the sentence, "I'm meeting them at Publix in Beaufort around 10:00 to stock up on groceries." That sounds so Southern to me! Is it that I know how to pronounce Beaufort, or just memories of beach trips past? Have fun!

wayside wanderer said...

What a beautiful tree! Wisteria is a springtime favorite for me and I know where all the bushes are on my various routes and look for them this time of year. I finally planted one of my own last year, but it is still small, but it does have little green shoots and leaves all over so I remain hopeful!

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

Your header looks to be of the same beautiful blossoms. They are so frothy they seem to be made out of clouds! xo Kari

Pom Pom said...

WOW! I want some blossoms! We have to wait a bit.
Your bird came so I will mail it soon. I am about the worst mailer on the face of the earth, but soon I WILL send it off to you! It is VERY funky in an 8 by 10. I hope you like it!
Oh, have fun at the beach. I love the beach! I'm glad you'll be posting!