Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today I worked from 9-6 trying on EVERYTHING in my closet. I got rid of 35 things! They're piled up on the window seat. I'm thinking about taking them to a consignment shop instead of Goodwill. Here are two 'after' photos of my closets. There are three separate doors side by side, but the inside is one long closet. Husband has one, and I have two. I have a shoe rack on the back of one door and a purse rack on the other. The shelf above the clothes pole is the place where I keep gifts on hand. I like not having to go to the store every time someone has a birthday. I buy things all year that I know friends and family will like.

I was hoping to get rid of the hanging garment bag, but it's the only place to keep our formal wear. I'm saving all of Laurel's prom dresses for Darcie. My wedding outfits are in there waiting (hopefully) to be worn again. Of course I'll have to lose a few pounds to wear the clothes I wore to Laurel's wedding!

While I had the camera in my bedroom, I took a few photos around the room. And yes, that's a gun barrel sticking up next to the nightstand! One must be prepared!

And that's my wedding dress in the box. I took it out of the back of my closet, because I needed that space for a box filled with gift bags and tissue paper.

I think it looks kinda creepy; almost like it's in a coffin. I'll put it under a bed somewhere. We're pretty limited on closet space in this house. Old houses are like that!

Anyway, back to my purging...Laurel likes the idea of having a uniform to wear every day. I want a bit more variety, so I kept six outfits for church and six more casual ones for night church and town.

The rest are my everyday clothes; four pairs of shorts, four pairs of pants, and several shirts/tees to go with them.

I still have more than I want or need. I'd love to have about half that much... or less. But I guess it'll have to be done in stages. I AM making a vow to myself not to buy anything new unless it's absolutely necessary. I'm also not going to look at catalogs any more. As soon as they come in the mail, they're going into the recycling bucket without being opened.

I just keep thinking about how much money I've wasted by buying too many clothes. Even worse is the time I had to take to get rid of them! Never again!


laurel said...

I like the pictures of your room. And yay for getting rid of 35 items! I think it is funny that the gun is on your side of the bed. :)

debbie bailey said...

Hey, it's my Tennessee mountain blood coming out, I guess! Check your Pee Paw, and you'll find a knife in his pocket, a derringer in his boot, and a 22 slung over his shoulder. My kind of man!