Monday, February 2, 2009

The Dining Room

Today I'm showing you my dining room.  Someday I plan on writing a book about the building of our house.  There are quite a few good stories to tell and things to show.  To begin: The photo of the two pictures side by side-They belong to a matched set.  I don't know how many were in the set originally.  Funny thing is that I found these in two different states.  The left one has a caption that reads "The Farm Yard" and the right one says "Southern Fruits".   The pictures of Christ knocking at the door is written in German.  I found it in a local junk shop for $5!  It's victorian and has pressed flowers, a celluoid Jesus figure, and is stitched on perforated paper. The washstand was bought here in Statesboro.  Supposedly, it belonged to a local personality but was put up for sale in a divorce settlement.  I just love it!  The open book on the tray is an Art Masterpiece Every Day book I bought to enlighten the family; ever the teacher.  Each page is numbered with the date and a painting for that day.  I've found the grandchildren (and Darcie) giggling over a nude or two.  Kids!  The high chair, which I found in Woodstock, Georgia, is handcarved.  I only let very small children sit in it for fear they'll break it.  I have a sturdier one in the kitchen that is in use all the time.  The full size chair belongs to a set of six that my parents bought in the 60's and passed down to me.  Mama rebottomed the chairs for me with seagrass rope.  That woman can do just about anything!  I embroidered the ABC sampler and put it in a victorian frame.  More next time.

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