Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Changes in 2009

We just found out yesterday that Tyler, child #3, will be going to Russia this fall.  It's always been a dream of his, and now it looks like it's coming true.

He applied to some Christian agency (I can never remember the name of it) to do short term mission work.  He'll be there for at least six months. I know it'll be a great learning experience for him, but I sure will miss him. 

That's three big changes for our family this year that we know about.  Laurel's new baby boy in August, Garrett getting married in August, and Tyler leaving in October.  Oh, and Garrett thinks he may be deployed with the Army in October.  Right now I feel overwhelmed by all these things. 

One thing I know is that when the time comes, God will give us all the grace we need to get through each thing.  I have to remember to focus on Him and His plans and not mourn the fact that our family will never be as it once was.  I wouldn't want for them to be little again.  I just liked the fact that I always knew where they were and was the one teaching them everything.

Now they're out there in the cold, cruel world, and all I can do is pray for them to have wisdom and for God to protect them from harm. It's much harder now.


laurel said...

Man, I didn't realize so much was going on this summer/fall until I saw it written out. Wow. Busy few months coming up. Mostly good things though. The wedding will be fun. And the new baby. The Baileys are going to be all over the world this fall...GA, Russia, Iraq...

So blessed! said...

WOW...lots of changes coming up, but each one with exciting new adventures. Sounds like you are going to have a whole lot of interesting things to blog about. Just cover them all in continual prayer. God is still in control.

Brenda Leyland said...

I am always, always grateful to know that His Grace is totally sufficient for whatever arena we find ourselves in. I know you'll find it so too, as you face your own changes in the days ahead......blessings and great joy!

Brandy said...

I know you know this, but take comfort in the fact that He can teach and care for our children better that we could ever dream to. Your prayers will be sufficient! Yay for Tyler, thats awesome!

Barbara said...

Hi! Debbie

Right on Stourhead rhymes with hour.

Looks like some wonderful things happening with your family. So gret when they take such Godly steps and independent steps but nevertheless painful to let them go as much as we want to.

Hope yu are feeling much better whatever is was.