Thursday, January 1, 2009

Not a Typical Day

View out my laundry room window to the 'little house'.   My husband's office is on the bottom floor, and up that staircase on the back is my studio.

Today was a very productive day.  Thanks, Laurel, for keeping Darcie all night AND day!  Here's a list of things accomplished today:
1.  Had a worship time
2.  Exercised for an hour
3.  Cooked breakfast
4.  Cleaned upstairs
5.  Sent e-mails
6.  Worked on the budget
7.  Read art articles
8.  Wrote on an article for my writing class
9. Vacuumed downstairs
10. Cleaned out the dining room cupboard
11.  Treated the cat's ears for mites (Yuck)
12.  Talked to my Mama for almost an hour
13.  Ironed
14.  Took a nap
15.  Had morning and afternoon tea
16.  Made white chocolate and cranberry cookies
17.  Planned my next projects in my studio
18.  Took a walk in the woods and wrote in my journal
19.  Made baked spaghetti and sent Laurel a dish of it
20.  Watched Sahara with second son
21.  Washed and dried a load of clothes
22.  Wrote this blog
23.  Build two fires
24.  Listened to book on tape
25.  Visited with future daughter-in-law
26.  Finished Miss Buncle's Book
27.  Repaired tassels on a pillow torn up by baby grandson
28.  Glued together several broken things
29.  Repaired the flag holder
I wish every day could be like this one.  I'd have things whipped into shape in no time!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm exhausted.

Katy said...

You never cease to amaze me! Now I know why you haven't returned my calls or responded to my emails. Ahem. :-)

Misti Aldrich said...

Hi Mrs. Debbie...

Wow! Doesn't it feel good to have accomplished so much.

I was looking at the picture and...this isn't Laurel's old play house is it? Oh my how I loved that thing. I was older when we met, but I think I could have played in that forever!

I like the little house:)

Anonymous said...

That little house is so cool. I like the color, too.

Days like this rock. Glad you got so much accomplished.

Anita Davies said...

Sounds like a month's worth of activity!
Happy New Year!