Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Mama

Last Monday, my Mama had knee replacement surgery.  She came home from the hospital today and is doing okay.  It'll be a three month recovery.  I'm going up there tomorrow after church and stay until Thursday to help clean house, cook, etc.

Daddy was supposed to call me as soon as she was out of surgery to let me know she came through okay.  She went in at 12:00 p.m.  He still hadn't called by 5:00, and I was beginning to get worried.  

I went for a walk and sat down in a pine thicket to think and pray.  For some reason, this poem emerged.  I haven't written poetry since college.  So here it is:  It's called "Room #26"

My Mama's having surgery today.
Why doesn't Daddy call
And let me know how it went?
It's been hours...she should be
out by now.
What would I do without her?
Even though I'm getting old myself,
She's at the center; my life's beginning.
She who taught me so very, very much.
I'm still learning from her-Oh not so
much face to face anymore.
I remember now her reactions 
and responses to things in her life.
Things misunderstood by me then...
But becoming clear now as I face
Those things too.
Milestones passed-marriage,
the birth of my firstborn, another child, grandchildren,
And getting first a son-in-law and then a daughter-in-law.
I find new levels of appreciation for my first mentor.
I should show her my love more, and I will.
The phone rings. My heartbeat quickens.
The screen says 'Daddy'.
"Hello," I say tensely.  "Is she okay?"
"Fine," he says.
And I let out the breath
I didn't realize I'd been holding.


Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

Very loving poem. I am glad surgery went okay and hope her recovery is quick.

Marissa said...

You should write more often! I am very glad she is well. : )

laurel said...

I like that a alot, Mom. You should share it with her. I feel that way about you too, you know.