Saturday, December 6, 2008

January's Pick

Our bookgroup's pick for January isn't Frenchman's Creek.  We decided that our husbands wouldn't much like it.  We had to pick a classic to read.  We're also going to have dinner and a movie with our husbands in attendance.  It's the only month where we invite them to our meeting.  January is always a favorite month because of this tradition.  We serve soups, bread, salad, sandwiches, and desserts.  We've never watched the movie of the book before though.

So, we had to make sure whichever book we picked had a good movie to go along with it.  It was a hard choice, but we picked A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.  There's a 2001 Masterpiece Theater version and a 2007 version also.  I'll have to preview them first to see which one is best.  My money is on the Masterpiece Theater one.

I ordered the oldest book from Barnes & Noble that I could find; a 1902 edition.  It was less than $20 including shipping.  Not too bad.

We'll probably pick Frenchman's Creek for our fiction month.  I've probably read it about four times and seen the movie twice.  I LOVE Daphne du Maurier.  I own everything she's ever written.  So much of her writing takes place in Cornwall, England.  That's the next place I want to visit.  You might remember her most famous book, Rebecca.  It's been made into a movie at least twice.  The oldest one stars Sir Lawrence Olivier; eye candy to the max.  Not as good as Clark Gable, of course, but good nonetheless.


Wanda said...

My family and I kicked around the idea of a book club for a while but it never got off the ground. Yours sounds like great fun. Especially the soup,bread and dessert part. :) TTFN

charlotte carroll said...

you like clark gable b/c he looks just like your husband!!!! :)