Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Gift

I'm making a romper for Bauer, my youngest grandson, for Christmas.  I haven't sewn anything for him since he's been born.  Laurel's three boys have worn all the clothes I made for my three boys.  They had daygowns, button-on suits, John John suits, and much more.  They were all smocked or French handsewn.  I saved them all and passed them along when my grandsons came along.  

Therefore, there was no need to sew for them.  But I wanted them all to have one special outfit made just for them by me.  So this is going to be Bauer's.  

The smocked toy soldier insert and collar used to be part of a plaid button-on shirt I made for my boys.  Over time, the buttons up the back were ripped out of their holes which made the shirt useless.  So I salvaged what I could and saved the pieces for such a time as this.  

The black and white gingham lining is made from a pair of curtains I saved from the trash heap at one of Laurel's former houses they were restoring.  I knew they would be useful someday!

I tried the unfinished romper on Bauer today to see how it would fit.  It fits perfectly, which isn't a good thing.  He'll outgrow it in a month!  So, I'll have to add some extensions to the crotch area.  I'll have to finish it tomorrow as well as begin cooking for the twenty-two people coming over on Christmas Day.  Oh, and Mallory's present (my future daughter-in-law) isn't finished yet either.  And Darcie's got a giggly eight year old BBF spending the night.  
Ain't life fun?


laurel said...

I am excited about Bauer's little outfit!! He will look so sweet. I didn't realize the gingham came from the trash pile at one of our houses. I am guessing the farm house in Dublin? Aren't you thrifty! :)

Mallory said...

Mallory LOVES her Christmas present! Sorry Bauer's outfit didn't get finished Laurel :)