Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bringing Home the Tree

You'll have to start at the bottom and go up to view these photos in order.  

We went to a tree farm a few miles away and cut a Leyland Cypress tree down.  We got the next to cheapest one for $30.  It still galls me to have to buy a Christmas tree.  

Growing up in Tennessee, every year we would go out into the woods and cut our tree down.  In the first years 
                  of our marriage we did the same thing.  

Then we moved to South Georgia where white pines or cedar trees don't grow like weeds on the side of the road.  Our land is either open fields, pecan trees, or thick woods.  

So we have to go to a store and BUY a tree.  Going to a tree farm is a better choice to me.  At least we get to be involved in the cutting down process, and it's as fresh as it can possibly be.

And here's the real question of the day....does this jacket make me look fat?  Yes it does, so don't answer that question!


Laura A said...

Oh, I remember the white pines! We don't have those here, but we used to get them when I was little.

I liked your sentence about the trees not growing like weeds on the side of the road ;-). That is indeed one of the differences between south Georgia and the areas just to the north.

They don't grow like weeds on the side of the road here, either. They're stacked like merchandise on the sidewalks. I'm hoping we'll get ours today.

laurel said...

I had to look hard for the picture of daddy, since he is camo'd out. Haha!