Friday, December 19, 2008

Coming Home

My soldier came home last night to spend two weeks for Christmas.  Isn't he warlike in this photo?  He's a nut and loves to cut up.  The last time Laurel and I went to the discount food store, he saw this hat left over from Halloween and had to try it on.  Good thing I had my camera with me.

Here's his little sister getting in on the action too.  Ah, not a dull moment with children around.  I wouldn't laugh nearly as often without them. 


Mallory said...

Look at my handsome fiance!

Marissa said...

He will make such a beautiful bride for Mallory. Hehe.

willow said...

Your family looks just as kooky as mine!

Katy said...

You are such an Anglo Saxon/Celt! LOL

That's quite a manly man you have there! Headdress notwithstanding.