Monday, November 28, 2011

More Photos Around the House-Part 3

This little bust was the first one I ever won when I was in a recital at age eight. It was also the last recital I was ever in!

This photo is looking from the parlor, through the foyer, and into the dining room.

This bowl of treasures are things my husband has found walking through the fields of Georgia. He spends a lot of time helping farmers with their crops. He also knows I'm a sucker for all things old whether they're broken or not. One of the sweetest gifts he's ever given to me was the bent spoon lying on top. He thought it might be valuable. Of course it isn't, but the thought is priceless to me!

I adore this little delft lamp. I have some matching antique tiles to put up over the parlor fireplace someday soon.

This old-school phone belonged to my maternal grandparents. It's the only one that works when the electricity goes out.

And here are my vinyl 33's left over from the day. I have a record player and play them occasionally on a Saturday night. Why a Saturday night? I really don't know. That's just when I'm in the mood.

A few photography books for inspiration.

The Bailey family crest.


grannimcd said...

I so love looking at your home and the things you hold precious. I really would love to see them all in person, but for now I will just be enjoying these little glimpses into your home, your world and your heart. Thanks for sharing them.

debbie bailey said...


I clicked on your name when you left a comment and was reading the blogs you follow and I'M NOT ON YOUR LIST!!! FOR SHAME!!! You go follow me right now...this very minute.

I wish you could see them in person, too. When are you coming for a visit?

Pom Pom said...

Interesting stuff, Debbie! I like the nature bowl, full of things your hubby picked up! Treasures!

Anonymous said...

I'm just doing some catching up on favorite blogs of mine that I've neglected over the busy Thanksgiving holiday and how lovely it is to spent time around your house. I love your collections and the homey, welcome feel that abounds (and I love that bent spoon).

Like you, we have "found" objects and bits of nature all around. Thank you for sharing.