Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Beau, the Wonder Dog

Our Bishypoo, Beau, is the dog of the hour. This morning he led us to the deer my husband killed right before dark last night. It ran off into the woods after being hit and couldn't be tracked in the dark.

It always makes me nervous when a deer is shot, runs off, and has to be tracked. Sometimes you find it and sometimes you don't. I can't stand to think that all that meat is lying in a ditch or the woods somewhere close by but can't be found.

My husband got up early this morning to go look for blood drops, but with so many red leaves on the ground, he wasn't very hopeful of finding any. I told him I wanted to go with him; not because I wanted to see a dead deer. I didn't. I just love getting out into the woods for any reason. It brings back many memories of my childhood when I would go rabbit hunting with my grandpa or just walk through the woods as quietly as possible with my daddy. Darcie wanted to go, too.

So the three of us piled into his pickup truck. I asked if he wanted Beau to go help us, since he's always chasing squirrels and running around a lot with his nose to the ground. I figured he might be a good tracker. He said to bring him, so we loaded Beau up, too.

We drove across our field to where my husband thought he hit the deer, and started looking there. No blood was seen, so we walked into the woods a little ways. I had my eye on Beau whose downed nose was going back and forth. I saw the minute he was on to something and was surprised that he didn't bark. I guess I'm used to Grandpa's beagles baying as soon as they lock onto a scent. I walked away from the other two following Beau deeper into the woods. He stopped and began sniffing like crazy. I walked over and saw dried blood spots. I called to Gayle and showed him what Beau had found. He was pretty excited to know we were on the right track.

We split up again with me just watching and following Beau. He went a little deeper into the woods and I saw the deer's body. He never did bark. Strange. I called everyone over to see, and Gayle began examining the buck to see where the bullet entered and all the other things men look for such as number of points on the rack, estimated weight, size of rack, etc. I was too busy praising Beau and scratching his ears to pay much attention to the deer. I don't like seeing dead animals but am glad for the meat for the freezer.

Later I heard Gayle talking to our son-in-law on the phone. He was just bragging on Beau and saying that we never would have found the deer if not for him. Not a bad morning's work for a furry, white lap dog.


GretchenJoanna said...

What a good story! I liked following along with the four of you on your search through the woods and the crunchy leaves.

Cranberry Morning said...

Good boy, Beau!!! they're not called 'man's best friend' for nothin'. :-) I hate it when a deer is hit and runs off too, for I hate to think of that animal suffering needlessly. I have no problem with people taking a deer for food. So glad you (BEAU) found it. Good job! Enjoy the meat this winter.

I hope you'll hop on over to Cranberry Morning this morning to take my survey on scents: Floral, Fruity, Herbal, Spicy, or Woodsy. Which so YOU like best? Fun. :)

wayside wanderer said...

That is a great story! Good job, Beau! He sure doesn't look like a deer tracking dog. =D I would be thrilled to get that sort of usefulness out my little lap dog. He would have to wake up first.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Hurray for the little dog, the mighty hunter, and meat in the freezer :D