Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Around the Yard in November

Here are a few photos of the land around our house. There's cotton planted in the field behind us. It's a sad excuse for a cotton field, but this individual boll is pretty, I think.

This is a cherry laurel tree growing around the edge of the field. I had to look it up to know what it was. The berries aren't edible as they contain cyanide.

I'll never tire of seeing the rising sun casting long rays through the pecan limbs.

I made this split-rail fence from black locust rails brought from Tennessee. It separates the formal gardens from the wild ones. The sycamore tree is a volunteer that sprouted about fifteen years ago. It's grown quite a lot during that time. I love the white, peeling bark. It really shines when the sun hits it.

I've been cooking and cleaning most of the day; doing some decluttering, too. It's been a good piddling day. Have a warm, love-filled Thanksgiving tomorrow.

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Pom Pom said...

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! We had a delicious feast and now I'm ready for a quiet day. Your garden and yard are beautiful and I'm very impressed with your fence making!