Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Dream Day

I'm reading this book called Slow Time-Recovering the Natural rhythm of Life by Waverly Fitzgerald. She gives you an exercise to do called "The Dream Schedule".

You're supposed to take your Daytimer, planner, or whatever you use to make your weekly schedules on and write out your dream schedule.

My ultimate dream schedule would be to live at the beach and do whatever I felt like whenever I felt like, but she's talking about your daily schedule during the school year.

So I started writing down my dream day and then realized that it's what I already do. Wow! I have a great life! Oh there are the usual upsets, but overall, I love my life! Based on my previous post and what John Calvin said, I pray, "God, please don't zap me because I've got a great life." No, I don't believe God works that way. I think He wants me to be holy AND happy. Sorry John! But of course he sends times of testing. That is, after all, how we're sanctified.

Here's my Dream Day taken from the schedule I've made out for our new school year which starts Sept. 8.

5:15-Get up, dress, make-up
5:45-Read some creativity book
6:00-Morning Worship
7:00-Exercise- Yoga, Weights, Biking, Walking
8:00-Breakfast, cleanup, make bed, check e-mail
8:30-Straighten house/Zone cleaning
9:45-Check Darcie's schoolwork
10:00-Teach Darcie language arts
11:00-Leave to take Darcie to co-op classes
11:30-Home/Piano & other instruments
12:00-Check e-mail/Eat lunch
12:30-Project Time
3:00-Leave to get Darcie
5:00-Home Arts with Darcie
7:30-Check e-mail
8:00-Evening Worship/Read to Darcie
8:30-Straighten house/Plan next day
9:00-Bath/Read blogs

Two afternoons a week I take Darcie to chorale practice and horseback riding, but when we're home we follow the above schedule.

I don't follow it 100%, because I'm a great believer in spontaneity. Lots of times I stay up much later than 10:00 which means I can't get up at 5:15. And I'll get involved in something in the morning and get on a roll and instead of sticking to the schedule, I'll do the certain something all morning.

It's not the best way to do things, but it keeps me from getting bored and allows for more creativity. I do follow the schedule more than not.

And Darcie is doing independent schoolwork while I'm doing other things. So for as long as we're homeschooling, this is a great schedule for us. I'm truly blessed to be able to teach her, stay at home, and do my creative projects.

I do look forward to the day when I can spend bigger blocks of time on creativity and acts of mercy.

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