Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Recent Getaway

Gayle and I recently went to Raleigh where his company was honoring several of their salesmen for selling the most nation wide.  He was one of them but would never tell you that!  The place where we stayed was called The Umstead.  It was very relaxing and oriental.  I'm not crazy about oriental gardening or decorating.  I do like the big pots in the ground, but that's about it.  One thing I did really like was  how quiet the place was.  Calm music drifted through the restaurants and everywhere else was just really quiet.  

One of my biggest gripes with our present culture is the thought that blaring music needs to be in ALL public places.  Most restaurants are so noisy you have to shout to have a conversation.  Grocery stores  have rock music going so loud I can't even think about what to buy.  There's one exception in our town and that's Bi-Lo.  They play music from the 50-60's, and I find myself singing along (much to Darcie's embarrassment).  I have even been know to throw in a dance step or two.  

As usual, it was nice to get away from my life for a few days.  But coming home is always the sweetest part of a trip.


Katy said...

I'm not big into the whole Asian minimalist thing either, but I would also enjoy the quiet!

I do, however, love my Chinese dog!

Barbara said...

Sounds restful. Think it was Sinatra who said 'Oh so nice to go roamin' but so much nicer to come home or something to tht effect.

Shannon said...

I live in Durham and am sad to have missed you! I hope it was so lovely for you and G!