Monday, April 27, 2009

An Amazing Blog

I didn't go to church today due to having a cold.  I spent a little time reading blogs.  Many of them are so inspiring to me spiritually.  

A new one I've found is called Holy Experience.  This woman writes like I wish I could.  I think she's me in another body but with better writing skills.

I was reading one of her posts about how our children have within their bodies all the seeds of our future grandchildren and great grand children.  Her husband is a farmer and he was planting his crops.   She tied the two together in a way that made sense; much more than my words here can.  I had to stop reading in the middle of it.  I was crying too hard to see the words.  It's called 'How To Parent Thousands of Children' from April 24.

Two more that left me in tears were the posts on April 8 and 14th.  Read the conversation she had with her six year old as she led him to know the Lord.  You'll never look at your role as Mother in the same way.  We are, indeed, on a divine mission here.

  "Oh Lord, please give us eyes to see and ears to hear.  Break our hearts.  Take the world out and put your love in.  Help me be the instrument you use to bring your little ones home.  Amen."  


laurel said...

You need to put the link to her blog on your post so people can just click over. :)

Melissa said...

i have enjoyed that blog for some time now...i cry a lot there too!