Monday, April 6, 2009

Here's the Thing....

I've over-committed myself this week; BIG TIME!!!
But nothing can be moved, so it is what it is.                                                                                                  Here's what my week looks like: Monday-Three children over for art and music 11-3, two friends over for tea at 4:30 this afternoon with their four children under six to plan Garrett & Mallory's engagement party this Friday.
Tuesday- Take Darcie to tutor at 12:00 and pick up at 3:00.  Shop for her Easter shoes then take her to youth chorale at 4:00 and then horseback riding at 5:30.
Wednesday & Thursday-Fairly normal days with Garrett coming sometime Thursday.

Friday (the killer)-Bookgroup at my house at 12:00 with the engagement party at 5:00.

Sunday-Multiple family members coming over for Easter egg hunt and Sunday dinner.

Lots of cooking to be done and homeschooling in the midst; not to mention cleaning, cooking,  and laundry.

Here's the thing...I don't do well with a week like this.  I don't enjoy this much busyness.  But I'm committed and have to deal with it.  I'll have to be super organized with many lists in order to get it all done.  The older I get the less I like weeks like this.  I try to have a 'summer state of mind' year round and wide margins around events and less to-do lists.

How I wish I could just have a happy-go-lucky attitude, relax, and do everything in a leisurely manner.  On the outside I've learned to at least look like I'm calm.  After all, aren't older people supposed to be wise and unruffled?  

God gave me my personality along with all it's nuances and quirks.  I read somewhere recently that our temperaments are gifts from God.  I think so too.  Temperaments aren't sinful, but we sure sin plenty through them.

The key is to learn how to respect the way God made me and not sin when I'm overwhelmed or too busy by being short-tempered, angry, or frustrated.  

One of the things I do that I hate most is that instead of living in the moment and enjoying every second of whatever I'm doing, I find myself wishing things would hurry and be over so I could have some peace and quiet.  Yes, that is my biggest idol of the heart.

This is what I see as the solution; pray that God would make me more tolerant of noise and activity and to enjoy the moment and not look for it to be over, to try and avoid busy weeks like this one, to be gracious as I possibly can, and to love all these people I'm surrounded by more than myself, which is the reason I crave solitude in the first place.  I mean I love myself more than I do others.

Any suggestions or words of wisdom floating around out there?  Do you agree with my assessment of the solution?  What do ya'll think?


laurel said...

No words of wisdom here but it sounds like you have a good perspective. It is a busy week but it is full of really wonderful things. We lead a rich, full, wonderful life.

Laura A said...

I know how you feel. Sometimes when I have a week like this, I'm dreading it beforehand. But once I get into it, if I can just remember to breathe deeply and not panic, it turns out to be more fun than I anticipated, even great fun here and there! So that's my small wisdom: Don't worry ahead of time. Keep praying despite the rush and you may find manna for the day.

And then you can really enjoy resting afterwards!

I sometimes think God keeps putting me in these situations just to grow my character! I wouldn't overschedule on purpose, but it happens to everyone now and then.