Monday, August 20, 2012

Simplifying the Wardrobe

Nine outfits. That's how many sets of clothes the average American woman owned in 1930. Today? Women buy 60 pieces of new clothing per year. [Time, 8/6/12 stats]

I don't buy even close to 60 pieces of used/new clothing in a year; maybe 20? I'm going to count this next year just to satisfy my curiosity.

This summer I greatly reduced the amount of clothing I own. Images 1 and 2 show my summer wardrobe. Everything is either white, off-white, blue, or black except my dresses which are red or fuchsia. I have lots of room to move the hangers around. I hate it when there are so many clothes hanging that you need to bodily shoulder the hangers aside just to add a new garment.

The second image is of my church clothes. The list hanging shows all the potential outfits for every occasion. All I have to do is look at that list and pick an outfit. I like not having to think about what I'm going to wear. As long as I keep everything ironed, I'll always have an outfit.

The hanging shoes are the ones I wear on a daily basis; lots of flip-flops and sandals. The boxed ones on the floor are my heels and winter shoes.

The clothes behind the doors are the ones for cold weather. I have many more clothes for this season. I plan on weeding out and making a master list just like I did for my summer wardrobe. It'll be much harder to do, because I LOVE all the clothes I have, and last year I got rid of everything I didn't love. I guess this fall I'll need to go through them and ask the question, "Is this something that I NEED?" That'll make a difference, I'm sure.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I need to go through my clothes and do a purge. I have too many items in my closet I don't wear (particularly shoes, which I have a hard time throwing out).

Love your chucks!


wayside wanderer said...

Doing this has been in the back of my mind and your encouragement makes me realize now is the perfect time to do this. I know I have a good many things I did not wear this summer, or last, for that matter. I think I'm going to go through my hanging things this weekend. Once of those donation trucks is coming Monday and I already have a box started.

Laura A said...

Sixty pieces per year? You've got to be kidding! Wow, I thought maybe I looked dowdy, but that's quite a reality check.

Enjoy your newly-organized wardrobe!