Friday, August 3, 2012

Book Related Stuff

This blog is so cool! It shows people reading in subways and the names of their books. I was surprised by the depth of their reading materials; lots of philosophy and other weighty matters.

Don't you just love this poster? Our children were always putting on plays and dressing up based on the characters in whatever they were reading at the time. We have the cutest videos of their antics! They did it all themselves. All I did was provide the books and costumes.

I'm finishing up an audio book today that I've really enjoyed, Mark Twain's A TRAMP ABROAD. He's a hoot. I love the story he tells about trying to use a glacier as a mode of conveyance. He figured out at their present rate of travel, they would arrive at their destination in the year 2046! So he decides that a glacier isn't a very efficient mode of transportation. I laughed my way all through the book.

I'm aiming to finish up QUEEN LUCIA by E.F. Benson by Saturday night. Here's another really funny book. I've already watched the Mapp and Lucia series from Netflix, so I have the characters in my head. Usually this isn't a good thing, but in this case it adds to my enjoyment of the book. Thanks, Angie! You always told me how good they were and you were right! I'm going to read them all.

Here's the link for the blog above:


Heather said...

Thank you for sharing that link. It's wonderful to see all of those people reading. I hardly know anyone who likes to read anymore, so it's good to know that readers aren't as rare as they seem to be.

Angela said...

I'm glad you are liking the Lucia books! They are some of my favorites but I don't know anybody else who has read them.

wayside wanderer said...

I will have to look into the Lucia books. I have not read as much as I had hoped to this summer and here it is August. Sigh. LOVE that poster. And if it isn't the kids dressed up it is their toys reenacting book stories. I remember going into my daughters room and seeing all her playmobile lined up doing what looked like push ups. "No, Mommy, they are picking cotton." haha....How did she know about that? Books.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love it, love it, love it! I had to go look at that Underground New York Public Library site. What a great idea.

My husband was once interviewed by the NY Times as part of an article they did about what people read on the subway. He was studying Italian.

I used to spend a lot of time looking at the books people were reading when I'm on the subway. When I was back in NYC last month, I got so enthralled by someone's book that I just had to ask the guy what it was. This is almost a no-no in NYC, because you're really not supposed to be reading over their shoulders, but in this case, it was a book of paintings, so I think it was justified.

Anyway, he showed me the title, *Portrait Painting Atelier* by Suzanne Brooker, and he added, "Fantastic book." On the one train, this is practically gushing.

I like the "kids on books" poster, too!

Laura A