Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lambie and Monk Monk

I had this sweet little two-year-old living with me all last week, so of course we had to do a photo session. I've taken photos of his older three brothers legs around the same age, so it was his turn. There's nothing sweeter than chubby toddler legs. His 'monk monk' got in the photo, too. His favorite thing is to sniff the tag. Kids are so funny!

His mama had a favorite lamb. She liked to put it's left ear up to her nose and breathe through the fabric. I replaced the pink lining of that ear three times.

One time at her house I asked her where Lambie was, and she said, "In the attic, I think?" I told her in no uncertain terms to go rescue Lambie right that minute and put it in the nursery for her children to love.

Lambie and I have been through a lot together. He's been left in Tennessee at my parents' house, and we had to go back after traveling for an hour. He was with Laurel when she drank poison, and some got spilled on him. A kind friend's sister washed him until the chemical smell could only faintly be smelled. He helped in Laurel's recovery by staying by her side day and night.

I carefully took apart that left ear three separate times, shopped for the perfect matching fabric, and remade it so she wouldn't know the difference.

Yes, Lambie and I have been a bond. Relegated to the attic indeed!


The Provincial Homemaker said...

I got a laugh out of your history of comforters. I left my teddy bear at a cabin in yosemite national park the day before we flew back to Australia. I was 6 and distraught. Mum hastily searched LA airport for a substitute. The lovely people at the cabins eventually posted Teddy back - it took a 3 month journey; it was a long wait.

Pom Pom said...

Cute! My sister had a hilarious bear named Brunie. I wonder where he is. We're reading The Giver at school and Lois Lowry names the animals comfort objects.

wayside wanderer said...

I had a green bunny cleverly named Bunny. What a sweet mama to fix the ear like that. I left Bunny at a hotel once and we made the drive back only to have the guy who brought him out to the car tossing him casually in the air. To this day I can still picture that horror vividly in my mind. He didn't like being tossed. I still have the attic! aaaack

grannimcd said...

I also remember all those lambie stories with fondness and smiles (except for the poison incident). I agree: the attic is no place for such a faithful and loyal friend,