Monday, January 10, 2011

Finding Your Sweet Spot

I'm reading Max Lucado's book Cure for the Common Life-Living in your Sweet Spot. In chapter 3 he invites us to READ OUR LIFE BACKWARD. He says to think back and remember what you loved doing as a child; what entranced you.

I made a list of things I could remember. Here they are: 1. Reading 2. Writing 3. Playing the piano 4. Painting 5. Solitude 6. Photography 7. Gardening 8. Being outdoors 9. Decorating 10. Sewing

The thing that amazed me is that these are EXACTLY the same things I love to do today.

He also says, "The oak indwells the acorn. Read your life backward and check your supplies. Rerelish your moments of success and satisfaction. For in the merger of the two, you find your uniqueness."

I've spent too much time trying to be what I'm not. I'll never be a public speaker or know much about how things work, but I could take a photo of both and love it. Not that trying these things hasn't been beneficial for me. I have learned things along the way; mostly I've learned what I never want to try again!

I just don't want to spend any more time trying to do things I hate or things that other people want me to try or to be. I want to focus on culivating what I'm already good at and what makes me happy. That's my sweet spot and where God will use me to His glory and my bliss. The two merge and make me the most effective I can be for His kingdom on this earth.


steviewren said...

My list would look very much like yours. I love all things creative.

I lost my job last May and have been laid off ever since. These last 7 months have been some of the happiest in a long time. Because I wasn't having to squash myself into a square peg any longer.

...But alas, I have to find a job soon and go back into the world where I don't belong.

I like the way Lucado writes, simple and straight to the point.

grannimcd said...

Thanks for sharing such encouraging and inspirational words - again! Love and miss the whole bunch of Baileys!

wayside wanderer said...

Oh, I like this. I spent a lot of time swinging, sitting in a tree, reading, organizing things (even imaginary things), and playing with my dog. The only difference now is that my imaginary things are real and I don't have a good tree to sit or I would. :)

debbie bailey said...

Thanks for the sweet comments. Steviewren, maybe you could find a job doing what you love instead of jumping through hoops. Life's too short, but I know that sometimes ya gotta...

Linda, Ya'll coming this way anytime soon? Garrett's getting married in one month!

Wayside Wanderer, you need to go plant you a tree. Or even better, buy one that's already big and plant it! Everyone needs a tree to climb.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I spent most of my childhood reading, writing, drawing and listening to music. A lot of kids love to draw, but stop. I kept it up for many, many years, but once I had kids, there just wasn't time. It's something I'm trying to get back to.

And for most of my teen years I longed to play music, not just listening to it, and now I do. It's been a pleasure to final do something I dreamed of doing.

I love the idea of reading our lives backward. It makes sense!


M.K. said...

Good reminder! Now I'm trying to recall what I truly loved doing as a child. It's important to remember not to try to do thinks you're absolutely not suited for.

Linda Keller said...

GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR COMMENT ON THE "House od Edward" blog. Some people will never see the Light!

Anonymous said...

Love the comment on Max Lucado's book. Also, your pic from home, especially the snow covered landscape. Anne Williams

Anonymous said...

Debbie, love the sunrise/sunset pics. I will always have more sunset than sunrise pictures. ha ha