Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Reading Challenge

I'm always hesitant about signing on for a challenge, but this one was so different that I've decided to do it. I have several books about Ireland I've been wanting to read, so this will give me the impetus to get on it.

Here's the list from my own books that I plan on reading in this challenge:
1. How the Irish Saved Civilization-Thomas Cahill
2-6-The Irish Country Series by Patrick Taylor-There are five of them
7.The Luck of the Irish, Our Life in County Clare-Niall Williams and Christine Breen
8.The Pipes Are Calling, Our Jaunts through Ireland-" "
9.Anything by Oscar Wilde

Anyone want to make a recommendation for an Irish book? I think I'm going to like this challenge. I've been wanting to go to Ireland for years. Maybe after reading these books, we'll take a trip to the Emerald Isle.


M.K. said...

Seamus Heaney is a famous modern Irish poet -- I think he's been Britain's poet laureate. You could add his brilliant (and very readable) translation of Beowulf. I love that book. Or you could choose a short anthology of his work.

debbie bailey said...

I've heard of him before. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll add him.

GretchenJoanna said...

One book I would love to read that is about more ancient Ireland is *Patrick* by Stephen Lawhead. I don't know that it would prepare me much for my future trip to Ireland, though.

GretchenJoanna said...

Well, I don't have definite plans to go, but my daughter has many in-laws in Ireland now (that makes them my in-laws, too, I suppose) and they would be my tour guides and home while there -- so it is a great opportunity.

debbie bailey said...

Lucky you!