Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Sweet Girl

I don't know what in the world those white dots are in two of the photos.  I'm new to this digital stuff, so I don't have a clue.
Darcie and I spent a quiet day at home.  I really miss going to church though.  Both of us only got about four hours of sleep Saturday night.  She had another 'episode' with her back hurting and heartburn.  She was also throwing up. 

She had surgery over two months ago for a ruptured appendix.  The amount of infection was very severe.  The doctors cleaned her up but said she may have some long-lasting effects from the surgery.

Apparently, she can't handle foods high in fat such as ice cream or cheddar cheese.  She has an attack every time she eats these foods.  Her pediatrician said it's because fat foods don't go through the intestines as rapidly as healthier foods and hang around giving heartburn, etc.

So we're taking steps to increase the good bacteria in her intestines and keeping her away from the fatty foods.  This hasn't been too hard as she is loathe to experience another night like last night.  I served cheese grits for Sunday dinner (among other things) which is one of  her favorite foods, and she declined!  Smart girl!

Here are the grandkids and Darcie playing ball with Pee Paw in the front yard of my parents' house.  They had such a good time playing in the leaves and with him.  He's always been such a fun Daddy and now Pee Paw.  

The great news is that I get to go back up there in two weeks.  I'm taking Gayle to the Atlanta airport to fly out to Oklahoma and help Garrett drive home.  He'll be finished with gunnery school.  Yeah!  And since they only live two hours north of the airport, we'll go up the weekend before and stay a few days.  Can't wait!

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Laura A said...

Ah, those photos are *so* Georgia! I know just that temperature, the one in which you can go outside in shirt sleeves (once you run around a bit) and jump in crunchy leaves. Most of my best childhood memories involve something very similar to what the kids (and Pee Paw) are going in your photos.

Did it get cold there yet? It's about time for a genuine cold snap down there, if I recall correctly.

Glad to see Darcie jumping around in these photos. I hope she's out there again soon!