Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Best Reason for Simplicity

"We simplify, not just to be less busy, even though we may be right to pursue that. Rather, we simplify to remove distractions from our pursuit of Christ. WE prune activities from our lives, not only to get organized, but also that our devotion to Christ and service for His kingdom will be more fruitful. We simplify, not merely to save time, but to eliminate hindrances to the time we devote to knowing Christ. All the reasons we simplify should eventually lead us to Jesus Christ." ~Donald S. Whitney

Thanks, Wayside Wanderer, for the above quote. It's the reason for simplicity to the Christian. I need to keep this utmost in my mind so I'll remember that my life isn't "all about me".


Gumbo Lily said...

I'm copying that quote down. Thank you.

Barbara said...

Aye, that's one I can definitely agree with. I love that He promises to cleanse us from all our filthy idols - all that extra "stuff" that doesn't belong - great mercy there, and it naturally creates "space" (in time)which He designs to fill with Himself. This from this evening's Spurgeon reading:

The man who is born for heaven "hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity." All men have their joys, by which their souls are lifted up; the worldling lifts up his soul in carnal delights, which are mere empty vanities; but the saint loves more substantial things; like Jehoshaphat, he is lifted up in the ways of the Lord. He who is content with husks, will be reckoned with the swine. Does the world satisfy thee? Then thou hast thy reward and portion in this life; make much of it, for thou shalt know no other joy.

Spurgeon never did mince words. But his point is well-taken. What a grace we have to be turned away from all the extra and have our eyes focused upon Him. :)

wayside wanderer said...

Your welcome. Thank YOU for reminding me of it with your post. I've enjoyed your beautiful beach pictures.