Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Noonday Pause for Prayer

"Trailing clouds of glory do we come from God." William Wordsworth

I'm reading Seven Sacred Pauses, Living Mindfully Through the Hours of the Day by Macrina Wiederkehr. The above quote was in the section The Hour of Illumination, meaning the noon hour.

During the lenten season, I've been praying the hours beginning at 6 AM and ending at 9 PM. If I'm up at midnight and 3 AM, and I sometimes am, I'll pray then, too. I set the alarm on my phone to go off at the appointed hours so I won't forget to pray.

This one thing has made a big difference in my life. When I come to Sunday worship, I have no problem like I usually do of paying attention. Usually I'm constantly having to bring myself back to the sermon. My mind wanders... I'll go over what I'm cooking for Sunday dinner, I think about the coming week, I'll think about our children that live far away, and on and on and on...

But since I've been praying the hours for these few weeks, the 'wandering mind' problem is much less of a problem. I'm more attuned to God's spirit. I can feel my heart is softer. I'm nicer to my family. I'm learning to be more present. This personal prayer is good practice for corporate prayer.

It's a practice that I've come to love and won't be giving up once Lent is over.


Pom Pom said...

Hi Debbie!
I have The Divine Office on my iPad and I find it very stabilizing.
God be with you.

Connie (aka LOU) said...

Debbie - I'm going to have to check that book out. You caught my attention when you said your mind wanders on Sunday. Mine does too, even when I try really hard to stay focused. I need help in quieting my mind and become more connected. Thanks for the tip.

BTW, beautiful header!

Sara said...

Debbie, the book you mention sounds very inviting to me...I have prayed the morning office from the Book of Common Prayer for about a year now but I'm going to look into this book and see about expanding my devotions a bit more. Thank you for telling us about it.

Cranberry Morning said...

Thank you for stopping in at Cranberry Morning, and thank you for this book 'review.' I am going to track it down and read it. I am sure I will also benefit from that book.