Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dining Room Love

You can probably tell that I LOVE our house! For a few years after building it, I would pull into the driveway, stop, sigh, and say, "It's so cute!" Much eyerolling from four children would begin.

I know you don't get tired of looking at my house, so here's some photos of just the dining room.

I love how that wax cascades over the side of the candlestick. Lavender from my good friend Charlotte.

Pewter in the early morning sun.

A corner of a long mirror hanging above the double windows at the end of the room. Got it at a yard sale for $30.

Sunlight reflecting off my new Spode Italian dishes. They were a gift to my husband for 35 years of service to his company. Wasn't it sweet of him to let me pick the gift?

Curtain rod from Pottery Barn. I love the weight of the wooden finial. I also love the bullseye corner block and the fluted window trim.

Next time I'm showing you my new granddaughters. They may be as cute as my dining room! You judge.

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Pom Pom said...

Oh, I DO love your house! It IS beyond cute!