Friday, August 19, 2011

Baby Update

More baby photos. The twins are doing exceptionally well. Piper even nursed. Laurel said she was ravenous and was screaming about it. She already has quite a reputation in the hospital nursery. Yikes! Just what we need, another drama queen in the family.

The children in our family are very hard to raise. They're self-willed and stubborn. None are easy going. But they sure make interesting adults and friends. If you can get to that point! I about lost my everlovin' when I had four little ones at home. Note: I don't know if 'everloving' is a Southern thing or a modern word. Anyway, it means 'my mind' as in "I about went crazy" or "I lost my mind". Does anyone else say that?

Babies and mama are doing well. The pediatrician said last night that their lungs will be compromised until ages 2-3. We all have to get a flu shot. I was whining about needles when Laurel said you can get a squirt of the vaccine up your nose. Oh boy, flu germs in my airways. Actually, that may not work for me. I have viral issues anyway. I'll have to check. Anyone have any experience with this?

The girls are going to be called Piper and Scout. I think those are the cutest names ever!

Piper getting some Nana love.


wayside wanderer said...

Sooooo sweet. I love their names, too. I have no idea about flu shots and such. These babies are precious though. Oh, interesting about your strong willed children. I was one myself so am drawn to people like that. =) I don't know what to do with folks who are all agreeable and easy.

laurel said...

I think you are becoming senile. I was/am laid back and easy must be thinking of your other children. And, I gave you 6 grandchildren, so you can only speak affirming words to me from here on out. Ha!!
And that is the worst picture of me EVER!!! I cringe every time I see it.

debbie bailey said...

Ah, nice Laurel!